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The impact of business accelerators and incubators in the UK

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A report on the impact of incubators and accelerators on start-up businesses and on the wider business ecosystem.


The impact of business accelerators and incubators in the UK

Ref: BEIS Research Paper number: 2019/009PDF, 2.06MB, 125 pages


This report explores how incubators and accelerators impact the startups they support, and which types of support drive this impact. It also examines how incubators and accelerators affect the wider business ecosystem.

The report:

  • examines the objectives of UK accelerators and incubators, and the barriers to reaching these objectives
  • determines which types of support offered by incubators and accelerators (for example provision of workspace, mentoring, funding or training) add the most value to participating startups
  • presents a “theory of change” explaining how these types of support make their impact
  • investigates how Local Enterprise partnerships and Growth Hubs interact with or support accelerators and incubators in their region, and how this interaction helps both parties achieve their objectives

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