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SERC loans 700 Computers to Students to ensure Studies Continue


South Eastern Regional College (@S_ERC) has loaned 700 computers to students to ensure they can continue their studies online during the pandemic.

Ken Webb, Principal and Chief Executive of SERC said,

“This year has presented many challenges for students but we are determined that students should not be disadvantaged due to lack of equipment or access to software in order to continue with their studies. When we went into the first lockdown, SERC remained open and online, upskilling staff and students so that our business of training and education could continue.   

He added, “The College has prepared and issued 700 PCs to date.  Our IT and support teams are organising equipment for collection or, if necessary, delivery, for students across our catchment area.   We have reconfigured all our computer suites so that students and staff can adhere to social distancing and that means we have removed computing equipment which is being distributed to students who need support.

“If students do have access to a computer, the College has put in place a new ‘Remote Apps’ services which will allow students at home to use a range of software when outside the College, even on older equipment. And for those students who need access to specialist software, we have provided links so they can freely download it for use at home on their equipment.

“Following a College wide survey, we ascertained that 98% of our students have access to a smartphone and the vast majority of these will be able to runs Microsoft Teams which SERC favours for conducting classes online. The advantage with this platform is that classes and be recorded, so if a student is unable to attend at the scheduled time, they can catch up later.

Ken concluded, “At SERC we are keen that our students focus on the future, by continuing with their studies, working to gain the qualifications and training that will give them the best chance in the market place – whether they wish to secure employment or further their studies – ready to be part of the next generation of professionals to support the economic recovery.”  

Be part of the next generation of professionals. Visit to find out about our webinar online open evenings, 4.30pm to 8.00pm, on Monday 23 until Thursday 26 November. Dedicated teams will be online ready to meet those wishing to progress to Higher Education, Further Education, Apprenticeships and Training programmes. 

Caption: South Eastern Regional College (SERC) IT Support team have prepared 700 computers on loan to students ensuring they can continue their studies online during the pandemic. Ready to deliver another batch of computers to students are Stephen George (Newtownards), Joanne White (Lisburn) and Nicola Newell (Bangor).

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