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SERC Showcase College Life and Careers for Millennium Pupils

Pupils from Millennium Integrated Primary School got an insight into career paths open to them when staff from South Eastern Regional College (SERC) popped in to showcase the range of options available at their local college of further education

The event was designed to help boost the children’s understanding of the range of learning opportunities and pathways available helping them to make better, informed choices.

Teams from Health and Social Care, Catering and Hospitality, Computing and Engineering programmes where on hand to show and involve the children in a taster of learning and training available at SERC and the Careers team were on hand to answer any questions about what qualification are needed for different careers.

This is the second year the College have been involved with Millennium’s commitment to showing pupils what they can do when they move on. Mr Barry Corrigan, Principal at Millennium Integrated Primary School said, “It’s about planting seeds and ideas in the children’s minds. I want the children to always feel that their education is relevant and give them an idea of what they can do when they get older. When children become disengaged with education, they are probably thinking that there isn’t anything worth working for, so the showcase was designed to make children aware that there are always opportunities available and that they have a responsibility to take them when they present themselves.”

The event also involved students from Blackwater Integrated College in Downpatrick – giving some pupils the chance to catch up with their old school and find out about future options following exams.

SERC Principal and Chief Executive Ken Webb said, “The showcase is one step to encourage children to aim high in their future endeavours. At SERC we are committed to raising young people’s aspirations by giving them the best possible learning experiences and working with Millennium Integrated primary school provides us with the opportunity to do just that out in the local community.

“The day will have opened children’s minds to the huge variety of exciting career options available to them at SERC. They will begin thinking about their school options and future careers and learning what skills and qualifications they will need is a good start amidst the fun of the hands-on approach to learning.”

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