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Shadow Education Secretary Kate Green comments on the new Turing scheme to replace Erasmus Plus

Kate Green

@KateGreenSU, Shadow Secretary of State for Education Comments on the government’s new Turing scheme which is replacing @EUErasmusPlus 

Kate Green, Shadow Secretary of State for Education, said: 

“Despite promises from Boris Johnson that UK student’s access to Erasmus Plus was not under threat, the government has now needlessly pulled the UK out of the scheme which has successfully increased opportunities and understanding across Europe. It must urgently provide full details to universities, schools, colleges and students on how the replacement Turing scheme will work and ensure that no young person loses out on study opportunities abroad. 

“Young people must not see their opportunities reduced and subjecting the Turing scheme to future spending review decisions will increase uncertainty for organisations and young people.

 “Ministers must ensure the Turing scheme protects the UK’s global standing and status as an attractive study destination for EU and other international students.”

New Turing scheme to support thousands of students to study and work abroad and replace @EUErasmusPlus 

Thousands of students will be able to study and do work placements across the world through a brand new scheme that replaces the UK’s participation in Erasmus+.  

The Turing scheme will be backed by over £100 million, providing funding for around 35,000 students in universities, colleges and schools to go on placements and exchanges overseas, starting in September 2021.   

The new scheme will also target students from disadvantaged backgrounds and areas which did not previously have many students benefiting from Erasmus+, making life-changing opportunities accessible to everyone across the country.    

The programme will provide similar opportunities for students to study and work abroad as the Erasmus+ programme but it will include countries across the world  and aims to deliver greater value for money to taxpayers.  

The UK will reap the rewards from the investment, by boosting students’ skills and prospects, benefitting UK employers, and supporting Global Britain’s ties with international partners.  

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