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Skills for Work – creating positive futures with the help of Adult Directions

A project at Calderdale College which engages ex-offenders in employment and education is getting them on the right path with CASCAiD Adult Directions, a unique software program which helps people find the right career.

The Skills for Work project, which is part of the Offenders’ Learning and Skills Service, helps ex-offenders to develop skills and prepares them for education and employment.

Adult Directions, which is developed by CASCAiD, the UK’s leading producer of careers guidance software, is an integral part of the project.

Skills for Work Co-ordinator at Calderdale College, Arden Simpson said, “Clients are referred to us by the Probation Service, they are unemployed and have little confidence in their abilities and skills. Adult Directions shows them suitable careers based on their skills and interests. It shows them their employment options now, plus what they could achieve in terms of a career by undertaking training or education.”

“As well as giving clients a direction we also equip them with employability skills such as numeracy and literacy. We encourage them to develop their skills through real life situations such as completing job applications which Adult Directions also helps with.”

“We also encourage clients to use Adult Directions at home. We see this as a positive step in the rehabilitation process. If they show their partner and/or children how they are increasing their opportunities it builds ambition within the whole family.”

“Whether clients move into work or onto a course, they go away understanding the opportunities which are out there and have the confidence and skills to create a positive future."

CASCAiD Chief Executive Andrew Whiteley said, “It is always good to hear about the innovative ways organisations like Calderdale College and the Skills for Work project use Adult Directions to inspire futures.”

“The flexible approach of Adult Directions enables it to be used to support people from a range of backgrounds. Adult Directions doesn’t make judgements based on previous experiences so it is perfect for ex-offenders. It also offers advice on what should be disclosed to potential employers about previous convictions.”

“Adult Directions is about moving people forward and helping them to realise their potential. When used in supportive projects like this, the results it achieves in terms of helping people to grow through education, training and employment are fantastic.”

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