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Clarendon Sixth Form College Student’s photography takes centre stage

A Clarendon Sixth Form College photography student is preparing for her career after her work was selected to be part of a local theatre’s marketing campaign.

Aimee Bowker’s photography and poster designs are being used by Partington Players Theatre in Glossop, to promote their latest show ‘Roads’.

A former St Philip Howard Academy student, Aimee volunteers with the theatre as a lighting technician. After impressing the company with her work, she has now also become the theatre’s part-time photographer.

Using her skills in photography and graphic design, she has created two large scale posters for the show, which will now go on display around the local area.

Aimee hopes that she can build her portfolio and start her career as a freelance and studio photographer.

Aimee, said: “I am pleased that the theatre are using my work for ‘Roads’. I have volunteered at the theatre for a long time now and to use my skills in photography to help them and get my name out there is fantastic. When I leave Clarendon Sixth Form College I’d really like to open my own studio and follow my passion as a creative. I hope that my combined skills in photography and graphic design will help me in my career.”

Claire Platt, photography teacher at Clarendon Sixth Form College, said: “Aimee has done extremely well for herself. Her work in the classroom is always of a high standard and the work she is doing with the theatre will only add to her experience. I am sure that when she does leave the college, she will go on to have a lot of success.”

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