The Independent Panel’s review of Post-18 education and funding is due to publish its interim report with the government’s full response scheduled for early 2019.

In this paper, Mark Curnock Cook, John Widdowson, Susan Pember, Stewart Segal, Mark Corney and Mick Fletcher cover a different perspective of post-18 education and each offer four recommendations including a ‘must do’ policy the author believes would create a fair and balanced system, so that adults of all ages and skill levels can learn, up-skill and retrain.

In almost every contribution, there is implicit and sometimes explicit support for a 16-18 funding review, bolstered by the obvious point that 16-18 is critical to progression into higher education, adult further education and adult apprenticeships, because the Augur Review and the Levy Review are inextricably linked.

The contributions are:

  • Mary Curnock Cook: Time to disrupt the three-year residential degree
  • John Widdowson: What about adults?
  • Susan Pember: Put adult learners – and future learners – in the driving seat
  • Stewart Segal: More apprenticeships for young people and young adults
  • Mark Corney: Fair funding for post-18 education and skills
  • Mick Fletcher: Don’t worry about parity of esteem: esteem is enough

Authors Must Do recommendations