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Training and wellbeing hub Cademi launches to tackle staff burn-out in SMEs

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New Staff Training And Wellbeing Hub Cademi Launches To Help SMEs Tackle Burn-out And Boost Retention

  • Cademi is the first SME platform to combine onboarding, training and employee wellbeing
  • Trailblazing hub uses AI to help progressive employers inspire and retain star talent
  • It provides a comprehensive, compelling suite of online training and learning, previously only available to big business – but at a fraction of the cost
  • Courses feature bite-size, TikTok-style video features for easy learning

London, 15th June 2021 — A radical new SME training platform has been launched to help forward-thinking bosses attract, develop and retain top talent. Cademi offers staff a comprehensive and compelling array of online training and learning – giving them the chance to both progress their career and boost their wellbeing.

Led by Claire Conlaund, formerly head of The Skills Network, Cademi already counts one of the UK’s best-known high street retailers, a global pharmaceutical giant and an international car manufacturer among its prestigious list of clients.

Claire Conlaund, MD of Cademi, said:

“Some say that wellbeing can’t be measured by money or traded in markets, but that’s never been right.

“A recent study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) found that holistic workforce training provided a 250% return on investment within eight months based on productivity gains. Put simply, happy staff work better.

“This isn’t wooly thinking: global tech titans like Google and Facebook recognised long ago that workers expect a more caring, holistic approach from their bosses, and they put systems in place to achieve that. Their stellar corporate results speak for themselves.”

Cademi is the first platform to put the transformative power of holistic training and learning within reach of Britain’s SMEs.

It features a full suite of content that covers the essential training employees need to do. This includes not just the essential tasks of the job, but also the ‘soft skills’ required to do the job well. Cademi also includes optional courses to pique employees’ interest, fire their imagination and boost their wellbeing.

For employees, Cademi does away with tedious training days and the box-ticking, compliance-led approach of conventional learning platforms. Instead it offers TikTok-style, bite-sized learning videos designed for smartphones, which make it easy for people to absorb while on the go.

AI personalises the content for each user, tailoring learning suggestions to their likes and previous choices. Cademi is designed for use by staff at all levels in a wide range of sectors, including sales and customer service, manufacturing, recruitment, healthcare, hospitality and construction.

Claire Conlaund added:

“We’re making the sort of five-star training offered by big corporates available to all businesses, whether they have one employee or 500.

“Cademi doesn’t just offer staff a pathway to training compliance. It invites them on a journey of discovery, firing their interest and making them happier, healthier and more productive.”

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