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TSoM launches English for Academic Purposes (EAP) programme

Toronto School of Management (@TorontoSoM) has announced the launch of its new English for Academic Purposes (EAP) programme, preparing international students to study in Canada.

The TSoM EAP is an intensive academic pathway programme, integrating reading, writing, listening and speaking skills with a specific academic focus. The curriculum is tailored to equip non-native speakers with the level of comprehension of English needed to succeed at TSoM.

Canada is an attractive destination for international students[i], providing a diverse and inclusive cultural background. It’s wide variety of higher education institutions is combined with innovative industries and businesses with a global outlook.

For students looking to establish their professional future in the country and on the international scene, an appropriate knowledge of the English language is an essential criterion for success. Ehsan Safdari, Managing Director of Toronto School of Management, said: “We created this programme to meet the needs of international students who require additional English proficiency training.

“The learning outcomes would go beyond the simple teaching of the English language; students will acquire solid knowledge of the language at an academic level, as well as developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills. They will also learn how to communicate confidently in different situations.”

The TSoM EAP will have a new intake every first Monday of the month starting from September 2020. Students will be placed in one of four EAP levels, depending on the results of their placement test.

The TSoM EAP will be taught by certified Languages Canada instructors and students will receive a certificate at the end of the programme. Completion of the programme is conditional for students who did not meet the necessary English proficiency requirement at the time of their application to TSoM.

Mr Safdari added: “With this programme, we are giving our students an additional way to achieve the desired level of English to study with us. We are confident they will be able to master the language and learn about Canadian culture whilst progressing in their education.”

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