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Université Paris-Saclay launches app to support international students and researchers

Université Paris-Saclay has launched a new digital app for incoming international students and researchers which enables them to create a personalised plan for the administrative processes involved in moving to France.

The app is designed to combine and personalise practical information on French regulations in one place; including different types of visa and residence permits, and the documents to be provided alongside health coverage during the first few months in the country.

The tool, developed by Université Paris-Saclay, is now operational and will be completed in the coming weeks by integrating new countries and services.

Université Paris-Saclay constantly looks for new ways to welcome the best students and researchers from around the world. Each year, the university attracts around 10,000 students, doctoral students, researchers and teachers, representing 59 nationalities.

The smooth flow of administrative procedures is one of the key elements of a successful reception, so it is essential for the university to offer a tool that simplifies the procedures for those from overseas. The new international support app anticipates their steps, and the sequence, thus making life, mobility and waiting times with different administration procedures much easier.

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