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Volunteer Scott receives a Saltire Award

19 year old Scott Goodfellow, from Newcastleton in the Scottish Borders, who attends the Skills for Learning & Work programme at Borders College, has received a Saltire Award in recognition of more than 50 hours voluntary service to a local community project.

Saltire Awards are nationally recognised certificates, issued to volunteers in Scotland aged between 12 and 25 who are volunteering for the benefit of the community or a good cause.  As part of his work placement Scott has been volunteering his time to Hawick Congregational Community Church project called ‘Reaching Out’ – a project whose aim is to improve the lives of local people, in particular those living in more isolation than others.

Scott’s role within the project involves providing support to Wednesday’s ‘Soupalunch’ service, where approximately 60 members of the community (of all ages) can come along for an affordable homemade lunch and enjoy some friendly company at the same time.
Volunteers and those benefiting from the project have an equal relationship based on trust and compassion.  Volunteers are supported by the project team in their responsibilities and when making decisions.

Geraldine Strickland, leader of the project, says:
“Our team is multi- faceted and is composed of trustees, volunteers, supporters, friends, participants and supporting staff. We gratefully acknowledge their continuing assistance and that of our funders, without whose support Reaching Out could not exist in its present form.”
She adds that the enthusiasm of volunteers like Scott is what sustains the whole project.

Big Hogg, Scott’s College mentor, comments:
“The Skills for Learning & Work programme requires students to attend work placements, within the community, as part of their course, and Scott has excelled in the commitment he has shown to his college course as well as his placement.”
Bib adds that Scott has developed a greater confidence with communication skills which has helped him develop friendships, as well as inclusive working partnerships with others involved within the community.

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For more information about Hawick Congregational Community Church and their various projects, including Reaching Out, click here

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