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Why should businesses be using internship schemes to tackle youth unemployment?

Arjun Thaker CEO at Trident Worldwide

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the jobs market, as employment has plummeted across age groups and sectors, with a fall of 240,000 in self-employment between June and August and part time workers down 202,000 in this same time period. As seen in previous recessions, younger people are also being hugely affected, with the unemployment rate for 16 to 24-year-olds throughout the summer of 2020 at a high 13.4%.

Graduate recruitment specifically has seen the biggest UK fall since the 2008 financial crash, so it is perhaps more important than even for businesses to support new graduates in taking the first steps of their career through the likes of internships and placements. 

Internships are a fantastic way of introducing potential new recruits to your business, they not only offer the opportunity to source new and up-coming talent, but also provide a chance to assess the suitability, enthusiasm and work ethic of potential candidates. Because of this, many internships often lead to full time positions within the business as the suitability of the candidate is often pre-qualified. Even in instances where the position is temporary, an internship allows the candidate to gain industry experience and real-life exposure to the working world, which will provide useful for future positions, as well as offering valuable networking opportunities that may present further possibilities.

Fast-growing flexible warehousing and logistics platform Trident Worldwide has utilised internships to grow their company and support graduate recruitment throughout this time.

Arjun Thaker CEO at Trident Worldwide said:

Our internship offers the opportunity to find the next generation of leaders, which is why the internship programme is so important. The process will allow candidates to walk in as novices and walk out as professionals.

Young talent is the future of the company and those involved will be ambassadors for the brand, so it is important to invest in the next generation and mould them into professionals that will echo the voice of Trident Worldwide. We are here not only to help young people in the current climate, where jobs are not so readily available, but to make a mark on their futures too.”

Temporary industry experience through internships allow otherwise unemployed graduates to learn and earn whilst widening their experience across the jobs market, making them more appealing to graduate and entry-level job roles when more positions are available to them. The Covid-19 financial crisis would benefit from many more businesses offering internship schemes to help in the expansion of thriving businesses while opening up opportunities to young people looking to begin their careers.

The company CEO continued, “It is an important time for businesses to support young people where possible, with internships offering the stability and industry experience that many graduates need. We are at a point where youth employment is low, but internships and graduate positions are here to offer hope and positivity to young people around their future.”

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