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A Star on the Horizon from Neath College

Meet 16-year-old Torra Durman, a Gateway Creative Level 1 student at Neath College who is well on their way to receiving an incredible A* GCSE in his English resit just one year after leaving home education.

Torra’s experience of mainstream secondary school wasn’t a positive one and as such meant the only environment, they felt comfortable learning was at home, but that all changed when Torra walked through the doors of Neath College, Torra explains:

”GCSEs didn’t go well for me, but the main reason for joining College was that I knew I needed to be reintroduced into society. The environment here is so much more relaxed and supportive than in my Secondary school. I felt the pressure that had been on my shoulders had been lifted, I’ve been encouraged to socialise more and prioritise my mental health.’

”The support I received in relation to my identity and disability at the College has been incredible and so positive, and now I really feel like I can explain my experience without judgement.”

”These reasons have made me enjoy learning again and I’ve been able to excel in my GSCE resits receiving an A* in my mock exam – something I didn’t feel was ever possible. It’s truly been an environment of rehabilitation for me!’’

What’s Next? Well, Torra plans to progress to the Creative Media Level 2 course in September, as he has had a passion for creating digital art and writing, adding: “I want to make certain I learn as much as possible during my time at Neath College.”

Rebecca Hudson, Senior Lecturer Foundation Studies is delighted with Torra’s progress saying:

”It’s been a privilege to work with Torra, watching him grow in confidence and excel not only in his college course and GCSEs but as a person, has truly been amazing to watch and be a part of. Providing an environment where any student can flourish and grow is why you go into teaching, and I can only see a fantastic future ahead for Torra.”

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