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Structural Engineering is a career path for future designers

What’s structural engineering?

Structural engineering is a part of a study in civil engineering. The civil engineering disciplines branches out too many studies, among them, are structural engineering. To understand the concept of the structural industry it is always better to refer to the study of ‘’the history of structural engineering’’ the introduction to structural engineering started centuries back during the Egyptian civilization. Where the great pyramids of Giza were constructed. Back in the olden days of construction, there was no title such as a structural engineer. The first pyramid structure designer was known as the ‘’master-builder’’. The title ‘’structural engineering’’ was introduced to the world after the revolution of the industry, defining a different profession and creating an opportunity apart from architecture designing. The concept of the study structural engineering can be a great impact on the world. Just like the great pyramid of Giza, which is still one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Professionals all around the world and the future generation can build structures to invite a future that no one has ever seen.

Structural engineering with architecture design

The creative design of an architect and the ability to build it by a structural engineer is teamwork of creating beautiful structures in the world. some examples of these structures built with perfection are:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Sydney opera house
  • Lloyds building
  • Empire state building
  • The shard
  • Petronas towers
  • Dome of the rock, Jerusalem
  • Notre Dame

These buildings have become an inspiration for future designers to build unique structures and display it to the world.

Why study structural engineering?

The study of structural engineering is a wide space of opportunities. It is not just limited to Building structures but also specializes in civil engineering structures and mechanical structures. The construction industry demands people with the right qualifications and creativity to build the future. Each specialization under the Structural engineering study has a path for designers to enter the future world. designing machinery, medical equipment, vehicles, and strong building structures that encourage change in the economy. The future is concerned about the environment and develops through technology. Keeping this objective, future generations can achieve a benefit for the environment through structural engineering and gain support from technology to build a successful future.

  • Choosing to study structural engineering benefits the future and the individual with creativity and detailed knowledge.
  • Choosing to study the course of structural engineering a student can be able to promote safer structures to the environment with the support of technology.
  • The knowledge inspired through the course helps students to design structures and think bigger than what the world has seen.
  • It opens a career path in the industry with great opportunities and professionalism
  • It provides an impactful creation in the world with unique designs.
  • Studying structural engineering courses can also develop the ability of the students and encourage them to pursue higher ranks in the industry.
  • The construction industry holds a lot of influences in the economy, that can be an inspiration for students to start their career in the industry.
  • The demand for professional skill in the industry has a higher pay. This can settle a structural engineer’s future with a few projects that are remarkable.
  • With technological advancements, structural engineering software (AutoCAD, Staadpro, etc.) designing structures have been developed and made easier to use. This technology support has increased the demand for the skills of a structural engineer.

What to study for structural engineering?

Structural engineering focuses on these factors: the stability of the structure, the strength of the structure and the rigidity of the built structure. The entire course of structural engineering study focuses on the factors to build. A structural engineer is responsible for the design and the structural analysis of a project. To understand and construct a perfect structure without any element failures, the structural engineer should have detailed knowledge of the field. Studying physics/ mathematics as the foundation to build a career, Students planning to study for structural engineering study structural engineering (strength of materials and solid materials), structural analysis (static and dynamic), computer-aided designs, conceptual structural design. Structural engineering courses and Diploma courses can provide this knowledge to a student looking to start structural engineering as a career.

Where to study structural engineering?

Students entering the path of structural engineering for a career development opportunity can start with studying through courses that are accredited and recognized in the industry. Students who are willing to gain a thorough knowledge of structural engineering and proceed further to higher studies in BSc can study through online courses at colleges. Students can also consider courses for the Institute of structural engineers in the UK.

  • Advanced Diploma in Structural Engineering at the College of Contract Management (online college)

this course provides the students with a good understanding of how to proceed in the structural engineering profession, understanding the significance of the structural analysis. The course helps students to proceed further in education and gain work experience through this qualification. The course is accredited by awarding bodies such as the Institution of Structural Engineers, CIHT, IHE, and ICE.

With this qualification, a student can work in the industry and start the career by designing structural elements (columns, beams, plates, arches, shells, catenaries), working with materials and by working closely with an architect to gain experience. With this knowledge, the student can develop and grow in the career path exploring to becoming a professional.

Where can a structural engineering work?

The demand for professional structural engineers is increasing when the construction industry is developing into the future. according to the past stats of the construction industry, the shortage of skilled labor rates has increased the demand for structural engineers and construction workers. Due to this, the structural engineering salary is high in the industry. Structural engineering professionals find job opportunities in Engineering firms, Government departments, construction contractors, engineering consulting firms, vehicle manufacturing industry, property developers. With the development of skills and the ability to display professionalism with knowledge will open new demanding opportunities for structural engineers.

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