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Tokyo chefs give free demos to catering students

chef cooking to students

The Tokyo College of Sushi and Washoku, London has been visiting UK catering colleges, giving free demonstrations in Washoku, or the art of Japanese cuisine, to budding young chefs.

Chef Shida and chef Yamamoto, along with principle, Masaru Watanabe, have recently relocated from Tokyo and are embarking on a tour of the UK’s catering colleges to promote the Tokyo College of Sushi and Washoku, London and its imminent launch in September 2024.

The College is the only college in the UK to offer a six month diploma course certified by the Japanese government in the specialist skills of authentic Japanese cuisine, food culture and traditions.  Chefs with genuine Omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) skills are highly sought after across the world as the popularity of Japanese restaurants expands – since Washoku earned recognition as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2013, the number of Japanese restaurants has grown from approximately 24k in 2006 to 187k in 20231 with a 20% increase in Europe alone, despite the challenging pandemic years!

Two students from North Hertfordshire College had this to say about their experience: 

Kacper Rudzinski – Level 3 Pro Cookery;

“Today was a fantastic experience as I had the privilege of being taught by sushi chefs from the Tokyo College of Sushi and Washoku, London. It was a rare opportunity that left me fascinated by their precision and skill. From the delicate slicing of fish to their incredible knife skills, every aspect of their craft was executed with perfection. As I watched, I gained a deeper appreciation of sushi and washoku. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to have a taste of traditional Japanese cuisine.” 

Jen Alsheikh – Level 2 Pro Cookery;

“During the workshop, the representatives from the Tokyo College of Sushi and Washoku, London enlightened us about the characteristics of Japanese cuisine and the history of sushi. They demonstrated Japanese knife skills, highlighting the distinctions from other world cuisines, and showcased various types of sushi and sashimi. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

Anthony Gascoigne, Course Team Leader in Hospitality & Catering, North Hertfordshire College, added;

“The chefs from the Tokyo College of Sushi & Washoku, London were standout, they rocked the place!!  It was one of the first demos we’ve ever had where practically all the students had their phones out recording it!  It was informative and inspiring.  A great day.”

And Lewis Walker, Head of Department @ Birmingham College of Food, also hosted a demo and had this to say;

“I want to thank you all for the most inspiring, educational, enjoyable and interesting demonstration I have seen for a long time!! The introduction to Japanese cuisine PowerPoint was so informative and well delivered – and the demonstration was just captivating!! You really are the most brilliant, engaging, pleasant and professional team… And it was an honour to have you all at UCB. Both the students and staff thoroughly enjoyed themselves… and the food was delicious!! Thank you!! Please – please let’s get something booked in again?”

Masaru Watanabe, Principle, Tokyo College of Sushi and Washoku, London;

“It is a joy to visit the UK catering colleges and see the students so engaged.  The interest in authentic Japanese cuisine is  growing and we are proud to be able to offer the only diploma course certified by the Japanese government, which will enable our graduates to find employment in Japanese restaurants here in the UK, and abroad.”

To find out more about the Tokyo College of Sushi and Washoku, London, or to book a free demo at your college, in the first instance go to

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