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28% of AXA UK apprenticeships are held by senior members of staff

To mark the start of #NationalApprenticeshipWeek, @AXAInsurance is publishing its 2019 apprenticeship figures showing that the company has invested around £2.3million on 226 apprenticeships over the past two years. A third of these are new hires, while two thirds are existing AXA employees, classed as ‘Business Learners’.

AXA apprenticeships in numbers: Focus on increasing enrolment for existing staff

As part of its ongoing commitment towards apprenticeships, AXA UK is publishing its 2019 apprenticeship figures with a focus on increasing the amount of mature students and ‘Business Learners’ across the company.

At the time of writing, AXA has invested around £2.3million on 226 apprenticeships over the past two years. A third are new hires, while two thirds are classed as ‘Business Learners’ – existing AXA employees who have taken on apprenticeships to further their career development.

However, while the majority of apprentices are current employees of the insurer, there is still a disparity when it comes to age. Just over half of are aged between 20 and 29, while 21% are 30-39 and 9% are 40-49 years old. Fewer than 1% are over the age of 50.

What’s more, only 28% of apprenticeships are currently held by senior members of staff, which includes Professionals, Senior Professionals and Leaders.

Plans are already in place to improve the number of mature students and Business Learners across the company, including introducing new schemes to current staff which will not only help develop their skills but also increase their potential to receive larger pay packages.

“Here at AXA we have seen first-hand the benefits of apprenticeships for a diverse range of staff, from new hires to established colleagues, to school leavers and those looking to change or advance in their careers.  At a time where some are debating the success of the Apprenticeship Levy, we have seen a significant increase in the amount of staff wanting to enrol in an apprenticeship as well as new joiners choosing AXA because of the ability to learn while they work. However, we believe increased diversity, better flexibility and liaising with the government where possible on how we can improve the current system will open up these opportunities even more.” Dawn Keijzer, Apprenticeship & Professional Qualifications Manager, AXA UK

In terms of the overall breakdown of apprentices at the insurer, figures show a slightly larger female population (54% vs. 46%), with the most popular locations as Bolton and Tunbridge Wells. The most popular courses are those in Underwriting, followed by ones offering Team Leader and Customer Service skills. Other apprenticeships include Data Analytics, HR, Public Relations and Software Development.

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