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Folkestone College Students Get Behind the Camera for Ben Shockley’s Latest Feature Film

Level 3 Filmmaking and Creative Media students from The EDGE @EKC__Group’s Folkestone College have collaborated with Actor and Writer, Ben Shockley, to shoot his latest feature film titled, ‘Dan Hawk Psychic Detective’.

The film, exclusively shot by students from the College, tells the story of Dan Hawk, a Writer and former Detective who is reinstated into the Folkestone Police Force after returning to his hometown. In a turn of events, a serial killer dons the guise of a character from one of Hawk’s most successful novels. With the help of his deceased wife, Hawk goes on a mission to track down the killer.

The College’s Film and Creative Media Lecturer, Steve Thomas, worked with Ben, who wrote and directed the film, as well as stars as the title role, to support the students through all stages of the production. 

Talking about the knowledge and experience the students have gained, Steve commented:

“Working as a film crew on a feature film has given the students the type of experience that they would not normally get until the end of a university course. They have gained insight into how films are made and have learnt valuable skills such as sound recording, boom operating, camera grips, focus pulling, camera operating and lighting.”

A teaser trailer for the forthcoming feature film was recently released online, sending waves through the cult and indie film scenes.

The film is currently 75 per cent complete, with production halting due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Production is set to resume once lockdown measures are eased and it is safe to do so.

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