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Pedro Moreno Da Fonseca on the future of microcredentials and lifelong learning

Pedro Moreno Da Fonseca

Gavin O’Meara, CEO of FE News and FE Careers, chats with Pedro Moreno Da Fonseca, Technical Specialist, ILO, about the future of Microcredentials and Lifelong learning at the GLLS 2022.

Microcredentials have the capability of showing adaptability and increase employability. However, we need:

  • To have awareness of their existence
  • To have uptake of microcredentials
  • To guarantee the quality of learning
  • To have extended cooperation between stakeholders

The future depends on what key stakeholders do to promote and guarantee the quality of microcredentials.

Pedro also highlights the importance of careers guidance and education so that individuals can have the right knowledge and skills to understand credentials and how they can be used and combined with formal education to help them achieve their objectives.

Short interview with Pedro Moreno Da Fonseca

Catch up on GLLS 2022 here.

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