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Emburse launches integrated corporate cards and expense management to eliminate need for employee out-of-pocket spend 

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Emburse, the global leader in spend optimisation, announces the availability of Emburse Cards for UK-based SMBs through to enterprise organisations. Emburse Cards integrate directly into Emburse’s expense management solutions, combining simple issuance and management with unparalleled spend control. The cards also offer immediate visibility into spend, enabling more dynamic budget management and reducing the potential for fraud and overspend. Employees are able to use the Emburse Card to handle upfront expenses rather than having to incur the cost on their personal cards and relying on reimbursement from their employer.

Emburse Cards can be easily created within the Emburse expense solution, with new virtual cards available to be distributed and used in near-real-time. Administrators can create granular spending controls based on a broad range of criteria, including amount, time, date, and merchant category code (MCC). This ensures spend policy compliance at the point of purchase, unlike personal or traditional corporate cards which require expense claims to be submitted before being verified.

Once a transaction has been made, users are prompted to capture and upload a receipt image, or forward a purchase email to their Emburse receipt wallet. These are automatically matched with a merchant’s card transaction data in the user’s Emburse expense solution, enabling easy expense item creation. As spend policy is enforced before the purchase is completed, the approval and reconciliation processes become much less time-consuming for both spenders and approvers. Beyond compliance benefits, removing this layer of manual administration improves the end-user experience and frees up staff time for more strategic tasks.

“Even during periods of financial uncertainty, businesses need to keep spending in areas such as software subscriptions, marketing and employee travel. With the double threat of an economic downturn and a cost-of-living crunch, British businesses and consumers alike are coming under increasing pressure to keep a close eye on their outgoings and effectively manage cash flow.  Emburse Cards can shift the burden of spend away from their employees, by providing immediate access to virtual cards to make their work-related purchases. This will be a huge relief to any employee who is used to making purchases using their own funds and then waiting for reimbursement,” said Kenny Eon, general manager and SVP of Emburse.

“Emburse Cards can also bring greater financial peace of mind to our customers by minimising the potential for wasteful, out-of-policy, or fraudulent spend. Proactively enforcing spend parameters makes it far easier to control rogue purchases before they are expensed, averting the need to recover the funds. And by tying virtual cards to individual billing codes, merchant categories or even specific recurring purchases, it’s far easier for finance leaders to track spend in real-time, and make the best use of valuable budgets.”

Emburse Cards are now available for UK and U.S. customers of the Emburse Chrome River and Emburse Certify expense automation solutions, as well as for Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian customers of the Emburse Captio solution.

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