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Entrepreneurs, future proof your business at the Genius Group Global Entrepreneur Summit

Featuring X Prize Founder Peter Diamandis and Ex-Deputy Director of the FBI Timothy Murphy

The Global Entrepreneur Summit from Genius Group, is running on the 1st and 2nd of December 2022, streaming from 9 am-3 pm BST, live across the globe. The event has been specifically designed for any seasoned or aspiring entrepreneur who wants to future-proof their business for the coming decade. During the 2020’s we will (and already have) experience a greater boom and a greater bust than any other decade in history.

The Global Entrepreneur Summit will provide entrepreneurs with the best tools, knowledge base, skills and network to navigate the next stage of the digital revolution. It will teach entrepreneurs how to avoid costly, time-consuming mistakes and instead make critical decisions that will enable them to grow their businesses. Delegates will also learn the top strategies from leading digital entrepreneurs on how to be set up for the upcoming digital decade and how to stay connected to the latest technology and trends.

Roger James Hamilton, Founder and CEO of Genius Group and host of the summit, will offer his expertise to over 5,000 entrepreneurs attending the summit.

Speakers at the event include Peter H. Diamandis, Founder of the X prize, futurist and entrepreneur; Salim Ismail Co-Founder of OpenExO, author and strategist; Timothy P. Murphy, ex-deputy director of the FBI; and Verne Harnish Founder of the Entrepreneur Organization (EO). The Summit will also feature, Angie Stead, Co-Founder of Genius School; Bea Benkova, Founder of GIFEW; Simon Zutshi, Founder and CEO of property investors network; Alison Shadrack Brown, Founder of Adia PR; and Philip O’Callaghan, Managing Director of The Exam Craft. 

During the summit, delegates will learn:

  • Principles of Entrepreneur Dynamics to follow
  • Simple steps to automate marketing with A.I.
  • How to attract world-class talent
  • The systems that can be used today to multiply sales
  • Top 10 trends to follow in the next decade
  • Smart social media strategies to wow customers
  • The easiest way to access cash and investors today
  • How to test and improve products rapidly
  • Fastest path to scale businesses for global reach

Roger James Hamilton, CEO and Founder of Genius Group comments:

“I am so excited to be hosting the Global Entrepreneur Summit 2022. We are embarking on some challenging times in the world, and I truly believe that by banding together and collaborating, more and more businesses can turn these challenges into opportunities and success. A fundamental part of growing a business is having a successful network to turn to in times of need and I believe that events such as this help to create and strengthen networks. The stellar line-up of speakers at this event is another reason for me to be excited – I can’t wait for everyone attending to benefit from their expertise and advice.”

Tickets to the Global Entrepreneur Summit are free with the option to upgrade to a VIP:

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