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Midlands-based Engineering Firm adi Group Awarded Best Companies to Work for Accreditation for Employee Engagement

Multidisciplinary UK engineering and construction firm adi Group (@adigroupltd) has won Best Companies‘ accreditation for employee engagement with a 1-star rating for the fifth consecutive year, having also been listed in the Top 10 Best Construction and Engineering Companies to work for in the UK.

adi Group predicts to grow by 70% in the next three years, becoming a £200m business, and the company fully understands the importance of a strong, engaged team of workers in achieving this ambitious goal.

Best Companies’ accreditation programme is dedicated to celebrating organisations and managers who excel at employee engagement, helping clients understand how their employees feel about their workplace, as well as identifying challenges and opportunities for improvement.

Acknowledging the importance of employee engagement

Best Companies’ survey is predominantly a tool created to give employees a voice and a platform to suggest the changes and improvements they’d like to see implemented within their organisation.

“A 1-star rating indicates adi Group has very good employee engagement, and receiving a Best Companies accreditation for the fifth time in five years is an outstanding achievement for our business,” comments Alan Lusty, CEO at adi Group.

“We want to ensure our employees feel proud of working at adi, and we believe employee engagement is a crucial part of that. We are on a path of continuous self-improvement, and being able to receive feedback directly from our employees in such a helpful format is incredibly beneficial.

“This year, we received our highest engagement score to date, which means the changes we have implemented year on year in response to previous feedback have made a difference, and we couldn’t be more pleased,” he continued.

The accreditation is an incredible way to help retain and attract top talent, drive meaningful change and ensure employees feel valued.

As only nine per cent of UK employees feel engaged in their workplace, resulting in dissatisfaction and higher rates of staff turnover, maintaining and increasing employee engagement is paramount.

Living up to employees’ expectations

The responses provided by adi’s employees as part of the survey fully reflect the qualities they value in the company.

“The vision of the leadership team is shown in the respect given by customers, suppliers and competitors alike. I feel an enormous sense of pride when I tell others I work for adi,” wrote an adi employee in response to one of the survey’s questions.

Employees’ pride and excitement to work for an organisation are key to its success, and a mutual understanding and sharing of each other’s values can further fortify the bond between employer and employee.

“We strive to understand what our employees’ individual requirements are no matter their role, but we also endeavour to show our employees what we stand for as a business and encourage them to get involved in a variety of ways.

“Our high-quality apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programmes are one of the main elements that set us apart from other businesses in the field.

“Both are powerful tools for shaping the future of young talent, and the many activities we invest in as part of these schemes are fundamental to our employee engagement strategy,” explains Alan.

This month, adi organised an Away Day for its apprentices, which consisted of two days out of the office with plenty of activities dedicated to team building, ESG strategy planning and implementation, and practising a variety of technical skills on creative projects.

Giving back to the community

Having been recognised with a Gold award by the 5% Club, adi commits to ensuring at least 5% of its workforce are apprentices, currently surpassing the threshold, with 7% of their employees being apprentices.

“Working ethically, sustainably, providing equal opportunities and nurturing young talent are just some of the values that define adi, and building a business our employees feel proud to work at is exactly what we set out to do from the onset,” says Alan.

And adi achieves exactly that by participating in a variety of fundraising charity events dedicated to giving back to the community, some of the most recent including Harborne Jubilee Carnival, theDragon Boat Racing Eventsand the Aberdovey Bike Ride, as well as establishing a long-term partnership withHeart Research UK.

Mutual benefits, shared values and a real connection

Higher rates of employee engagement improve morale and create better work environments, and a cohesive team with strong management that champions and supports each and every individual is an important criterium for success.

“I enjoy working with people I respect. My senior managers provide on-going support, encouragement and guidance, and being managed by leaders who want you to succeed and encourage personal growth makes a huge difference,” reads one of the many responses addressing the positive example of leadership at adi.

Strong employee engagement promotes a mutual relationship of respect and satisfaction, whereby employers benefit from a thriving workforce that helps them bring their vision to life and employees receive exactly what they need and deserve in their working life.

Ultimately, an engaged workforce with a real connection to their company actively contributes to its success, often going above and beyond what’s expected of them.

adi’s mental health and health and safety initiatives are also a vital part of creating a safe work environment within the company, and are implemented following employees’ direct input and feedback, a vital part of the decision-making process at adi.

“Employee engagement and wellbeing truly are at the heart of our business. As we have done in previous years, we will be carefully analysing the results of the survey to identify further opportunities for improvement and move forward in the ways that best benefit our employees,” adds Alan.

adi Group strives to cultivate an inclusive culture that helps employees reach their full potential, giving them a voice to shape the future of the business, with a firm belief that success and growth can only be achieved by providing staff with the right opportunities and support.

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