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Staff at Capital City College Group win significant pay deal

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University and College Union (UCU) members at Capital City College Group (CCCG) have won a significant pay rise of 9% for those earning under £30k, and 6% for those earning between £30k and £45k. 

UCU said that the deal was the result of determined organising and industrial action from its members at CCCG, and demonstrates that college employers have the resources to give decent pay rises to staff at the sharp end of the cost of living crisis. 

The pay deal, voted for by UCU branch members, will see a consolidated percentage increase on all salary scales for staff on £45k and under, beginning from 1 August 2022. 

Those earning £30k and £45k will see a 5% increase in August, and then a further 1% from 1 January 2023, constituting a 6% rise overall. The deal is worth up to £2,700 for those on £30k and up to £2,600 for those on £30k-£45k.

Moreover, Hourly Paid Lecturer (HPL) rates have been increased for this academic year, and they will increase further in line with the pay rise. This will amount to an increase of up to 15% on the HPL rate, worth up to an extra £4 per hour.

 The union has also secured an increase in holiday entitlement by three days, accompanied by a harmonisation of holiday entitlement across the CCCG. CCCG management have agreed to hold further talks on a consolidated pay award for 2023/24 after Easter in the new academic year. 

UCU regional official Adam Lincoln said:

‘This deal is the result of determined organising and industrial action from our members at CCCG. 

‘Crucially, it demonstrates that college employers have the resources to offer decent pay rises, which go some way towards protecting low-paid staff from the cost of living crisis. 

‘College principals across the country should take note: our members won’t stand for being offered huge real-terms pay cuts at the best of times, never mind when they are struggling to make ends meet.’

UCU CCCG branch officer Sean Vernell said:

‘We welcome this pay offer. As the cost of living crisis sharpens, this boost to staff pay packets will help alleviate the worst of the crisis for our members.

‘The deal is also an important step towards achieving parity with schoolteachers pay and thereby help to establish the importance of our sector’s role within the wider education sector.

‘This achievement is down to our members’ determination, sacrifice, and preparedness to take industrial action to defend their livelihoods. After ten days of strikes in the Autumn term management were left in no doubt that more action would be forthcoming in September if a deal could not be agreed. Our collective strength ensured management listened.’ 

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