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University College Birmingham launches inaugural Business Conference

University College Birmingham launches inaugural Business Conference

The first-ever Sustainable Futures Business Conference at University College Birmingham launches today (Wednesday 15th November) at the institution’s Business School. 

Packed with an impressive array of speakers, the conference aims to equip learners for their future careers with the knowledge and skills to successfully navigate rapid changes in technology such as automation, AI and workforce changes.

The conference brings together successful business practitioners across small-and-midsize enterprises (SMEs) and corporate businesses alongside some of the University’s own alumni.

Speakers include:

  • Ninder Johal, CEO of Nachural Group
  • Andy Wilkinson, Founding Partner and Managing Director, OWB
  • Nick Hall, Founder & CEO of the Digital Tourism Think Tank
  • Gayle Ditchburn, Partner and Head of Birmingham Office, Pinsent Masons
  • Dr David Paulson, Executive Dean of the Business School, University College Birmingham
  • Olga Marekova, Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO, Flywize, 
  • Tia Ghai, EMEA Experiences Manager at Attraction World Group

Ninder Johal said:

For those looking to employ and those looking for employment, the need to accept change as part of business and life is now taken for granted. Individuals and businesses need to understand how to adapt and move with the times and be ready to pivot when necessary.

“University College Birmingham’s Business Conference will, amongst other things, try to understand this ‘new norm’ and will look at how everyone can work within an ever-changing environment and what those future skill sets requirements are.

“I am excited to be part of this conference and look forward to exchanging views with the other speakers and audience on how entrepreneurship can play its role.”

Tia Ghai commented:

“As an alumnus of University College Birmingham and a proud representative of Attraction World Group, I’m excited to be a speaker at University College Birmingham’s Sustainable Futures Business Conference. This event will not only equip students with the vital skills to navigate the evolving technology in the business world, but also serves as a powerful bridge between academia and the professional realm. 

“It’s a testament to the profound impact that unity between universities and companies like Attraction World Group can have on shaping the leaders of tomorrow.”

Dr David Paulson from UCB said:

“It is my pleasure to launch the inaugural University College Birmingham Business School Conference. The University works closely with business practitioners and networks in and around Birmingham, the region, the UK and overseas. Whether they are successful local entrepreneurs, SMEs or corporate businesses, we always value their support. 

“We are delighted to be able to bring their expertise from across their sectors to our students, arming them with the knowledge for a sustainable future and opportunities for a successful career.”

UCB’s Business School encompasses the departments of Business, Tourism and Hospitality, and Creative Industries, with over 120 academic and professional services staff supporting 3,800 students across a range of apprentice, undergraduate, postgraduate and professional programmes.

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