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Clean data for AI at the heart of Industry 4.0 technology revolution says Guildhawk CEO Coder

Zoom video conference Screenshot of Guildhawk CEO Jurga Zilinskiene MBE and members of the Sheffield Hallam University Innovation Conference 2021

Artificial Intelligence (#AI) faces a challenge, it needs to be trained on ultra-pure data because, like a pool of spring water, a tiny droplet of toxic liquid will pollute the pool and make it undrinkable. This was one of the secret insights into the new Age of the Wild Experiment that Jurga Zilinskiene MBE, the software coding CEO and Entrepreneur in Residence told delegates in her keynote address at the Sheffield Hallam University’s Innovation Conference 2021.

Clean data, awesome coding skills and the ability to imagine the future, just like talking-movie pioneers the Warner Bothers did, are sensational components that brought innovation before, and are suddenly back to power the 4th Industrial Revolution. The British Government’s Innovate UK has backed a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) and Guildhawk to create an extraordinary SaaS platform that for the first time will help businesses of all sizes to manage people in a fast, easy and secure way.

Zilinskiene told how she saw clean data as being at the heart of innovation in the 21st Century. Thus, in 2008, Guildhawk began building an ultra-pure data warehouse of translated material, produced, and created by the best linguistic minds on earth. “We did this not to replace humans with robots (some tried but failed, because one cannot replace the other, they complement each other).” she said, adding, “However, we knew that, in the future, Artificial Intelligence would need to be trained on ultra-pure data”. 

The partnership between SHU and Guildhawk produced awesome results during the pandemic with the launch of new software products, Guildhawk AidedText Perfect and Guildhawk Voice avatars for creating multilingual corporate videos.

Zilinskiene explained how these big achievements during COVID-19 were inspired by big, long-term plans to unite people through language, creating the best systems and a remarkable collaboration with dynamic, trusted partners who share the same authentic values.

The full keynote address is free to watch:

Software coding CEO and SHU Entrepreneur in Residence Jurga Zilinskiene MBE

The bonus is to understand how people can use this proven special know-how, hot skills and values to help guarantee results in other lines of business, beyond what Guildhawk does in technology, big data analytics and translation. Blending powerful human and artificial intelligence to improve safety in the construction industry as Gammon Construction and Guildhawk are doing is the latest example of how to create the best future cities.

Wild Experimentation is hot in every sector, Zilinskiene told viewers, describing her young bandleader friend Alex Mendham who experimented with new techniques during lockdown to create a special show with his orchestra and win new fans across the world. She had also helped a best-selling author and hotelier friend to plant a magical orchard because they want children to enjoy the miracle of fruit for generations to come.

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