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Edinburgh University Doctoral Student Launches Innovative New Testament Greek Tuition

Edinburgh University Doctoral Student Launches Innovative New Testament Greek Tuition

Daniel Mikkelsen, a doctoral student at the esteemed University of Edinburgh (@EdinburghUni), announces the launch of an innovative learning framework designed to revolutionise the study of New Testament in its original Greek format. With a profound personal journey and academic expertise, Daniel Mikkelsen unveils a transformative approach to engage students with the original texts of the New Testament.

For almost a decade, Daniel has dedicated himself to mastering New Testament Greek, overcoming dyslexia to achieve proficiency in reading and interpreting biblical scriptures. From humble beginnings wrestling with the complexities of Greek grammar, he now offers a comprehensive tutoring program tailored to empower Christians of all backgrounds to unlock the treasures of the New Testament through 1-2-1 tuition.

Through perseverance and academic rigor, Daniel Mikkelsen embarked on a journey that led him from self-study to earning a Master of Philosophy degree from the University of Cambridge, and currently pursuing his doctoral studies in the New Testament at the University of Edinburgh.

Through NT Greek Tutoring, his tuition’s three-tiered approach integrates grammar and morphology, a tailored vocabulary system and ensuring students engage meaningfully with the text from the outset – often a huge challenge when learning an ancient language.

By demystifying the intricacies of the New Testament in its original Greek form, Daniel Mikkelsen aims to empower students by transcending translation barriers, enabling them to fully embrace the original context of the scriptures.

He explains: “I believe that if I can achieve proficiency in New Testament Greek despite dyslexic difficulties, anyone can. My mission is to equip individuals with the tools they need to deepen their understanding of God’s word and enrich their spiritual journey.”

Daniel Mikkelsen boasts a track record of success and accolades including guest lecturing at the University of Copenhagen, presenting a paper at the Durham Postgraduate Conference in 2022, tutoring a class on ‘Paul and his letters’ at the University of Edinburgh, plus publication in the esteemed academic journal Dansk Teologisk Tidsskrift.

Daniel Mikkelsen brings unparalleled expertise from the realm of New Testament Scholarship to Greek tutoring. His dedication to excellence and commitment to personalised instruction distinguish his service from other offerings in the market.

To embark on your exploration of the New Testament today, visit here.

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