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Bellevue Place Education Trust hires eEnergy to provide Light as a Service and My ZeERO offerings

eEnergy (@eenergyplc), a leading Energy Efficiency-as-a-Service and Energy Management-as-a-Service business in the UK and Ireland, is pleased to announce Bellevue Place Education Trust (“BPET” or “the Trust”) has signed a contract to deliver Lighting as a Service (“LaaS”) for five schools, with all eight schools installing MY ZeERO. BPET operates eight Free Schools across London and Berkshire. All BPET schools are focused to deliver high quality provision in areas where there is a shortage of primary school places.

eEnergy will be assisting BPET on its commitment to achieving net zero by 2030 after the Trust signed up to the ‘Let’s Go Zero 30’ campaign, highlighting BPET’s desire to live and work in a much more sustainable way. Let’s Go Zero 30 brings together UK schools who want to be zero carbon, are reducing their own climate impact, and demanding greater UK government support to achieve this goal.

The installation of LED lighting and future installation of MY ZeERO are two steps that will help the Trust achieve their goals, with the use of MY ZeERO to provide a better understanding of the Trust’s energy consumption and, with the support of the eEnergy team identify opportunities, reduce energy usage and wastage across BPET’s portfolio of schools. Additionally, all eight schools in the Trust will be evaluating options to fully transition to a 100% reliance on green power, which includes wind, solar or hydro.

It demonstrates how eEnergy can help organisations to achieve three of the key steps to achieving net zero:

  1. understand energy consumption,
  2. transition from brown to green energy, and
  3. reduce energy usage.

The installation of LaaS for the BPET schools will deliver an annual saving of 15.7% on the total energy consumption of the five schools. In addition to this, the installation of MY ZeERO will help eEnergy identify further energy reduction opportunities in these, and the other three, schools where it is already installed, helping them to become more energy efficient.

Harvey Sinclair, CEO of eEnergy, said,

“BPET’s commitment to net zero resonates with eEnergy’s mission and we are pleased to have secured this contract to assist them on their net zero journey. I am pleased to say we have started installations on the first two sites, with completion on all sites due to be completed in the next two months. We are proud to be supporting BPET with the implementation of these energy efficiency solutions.”

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