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Hadlow College Glasshouse Relocation Inspires Next Generation of Growers

CambridgeHOK have recently completed the unique project of relocating a complete glasshouse, piece by piece, from Hadlow College’s Court Lane campus to the main campus site.

The relocation of the glasshouse began in January after prior planning had taken place to remove and rebuild the structure. There was so much planning, and it was a very delicate procedure!

CambridgeHOK had to label and store thousands of parts as they were removed piece by piece, ensuring the glasshouse could be rebuilt as quickly as possible, and ahead of the new Autumn term at Hadlow College

After being transported to the new site it was rebuilt with new irrigation tanks and light pollution screens added to improve performance. This relocation and improvement of the glasshouse will support Hadlow College’s new and returning Horticulture students in their studies for years to come.

Elliot Wrightson, Project Manager for CambridgeHOK, said:

“This has been a unique job for us as it is very rare to move a full glasshouse structure and all its components from one site to another. It required detailed planning and excellent communication throughout between the various teams involved.”

He continued, “It has been good to be able to work on a project which can help inspire the next generation of growers as the glasshouse will support the college’s horticultural students in their studies, preparing them for potential careers in the industry.”

Chris Lydon, Vice Principal of Hadlow College said:

“Hadlow College is very excited at the completion of this exciting project which will inspire the next general of horticulture students.  The glasshouse allows the students of Hadlow College to develop their skills using the latest equipment and technology and we are very excited to get started in September 2022.  The team from Cambridge HOK has been excellent and has kept the College up to date with progress throughout this unique project.”

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