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Jisc’s extending eduroam transforms the learning experience by providing digital access beyond the campus

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Working with partners Cradlepoint and Sky Business, Jisc now delivers easy, seamless wifi cellular connectivity to enhance learning and teaching

Jisc announces a cost-effective new way to extend connectivity and improve digital equity for UK education and research. Extending eduroam provides safe, authenticated access to digital learning by making seamless wifi connectivity available in off-campus locations such as public libraries, student accommodation or public transport. 

Working with world-class technology partners Cradlepoint (part of Ericsson) and Sky Business, Jisc has extended its trusted eduroam service through 4G and 5G cellular technology. Extending eduroam now delivers connectivity beyond the existing fibre infrastructure, allowing users to access learning resources at home, in sports facilities or hospitals, and even on buses. 

“Extending eduroam really can transform the learning experience in locations where internet connections are unavailable, unreliable or unauthenticated,” says Jisc CEO Heidi Fraser-Krauss. “And, for students who struggle with expensive data roaming charges, it delivers free access to educational resources, bringing digital equity a step closer.” 

The extending eduroam range includes easy-to-install devices that can handle anything up to 100 users at a time. One model, which is small enough to fit into a rucksack, provides cellular connectivity for up to five users in student accommodation, small study spaces or remote locations such as on a field trip. Another version specifically for in-vehicle use could extend access to eduroam for commuter students. 

The devices will be delivered by Sky Business. All the user has to do to get started is plug the device into a power supply and locate it by a window to ensure cellular connectivity to the external mast. 

Hugo Mills, director of mid-market and enterprise at Sky Business, comments, “Accessible and reliable connectivity is integral to educational and research institutions, and we are committed to bringing better solutions that ensure users can access learning resources simply and securely.” 

As cellular connectivity becomes increasingly essential to institutions at all levels, Cradlepoint’s innovative technology enables extending eduroam to deliver agile, secure, reliable wifi access.  

“Education has broken free from the confines of the classroom thanks to mobile connectivity solutions,” says Ross Hockey, EMEA director of managed service partners/solution service providers at Cradlepoint. “Students now have more power to learn and develop their skills, positioning the UK as a leader in cutting-edge education. Our commitment to overcoming future accessibility challenges will open doors for countless bright minds across the nation, regardless of their background.” 

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