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Large medal haul for Brock Hospitality students at International Salon Culinaire restaurant competition

Hospitality students from Brockenhurst College stormed the International Salon Culinaire restaurant competition at London’s ExCeL exhibition centre, winning eight Gold and five Silver medals.

Representing Brock were front-of-house competitors Rebecca Price and Daisy Boreham, and kitchen competitors Imogen Allan, Henry Gorrod, Mikeala Dowling and James Vane.

Participants had to score an impressive 95% at least in order to take Gold in the nationwide competition.

Brock International Salon Culinaire Lead, Cathy MacArthur, said: “To come out with so many Gold and Silver medals is a fantastic achievement, and I warmly congratulate all the students.

“This shows that there is something special going on here at Brock. We have the facilities and instructors to help learners go further and do better right across our Hospitality provision.”

You can see the full breakdown of awards and winners here:

Restaurant Class

Rebecca Price: Table Lay-up; Cocktail; Crepe Suzette         GOLD, GOLD, GOLD,

Daisy Boreham: Crepe Suzette, Caesar Salad                      SILVER, GOLD

Pastry Class

Mikaela Dowling: Gateaux                                                    GOLD


Imogen Allan                                                                           GOLD

Henry Gorrod                                                                          SILVER

James Vane                                                                              SILVER

Mikaela Dowling                                                                     SILVER


Imogen Allen                                                                           GOLD

Fish Prep

Henry Gorrod                                                                          GOLD


James Vane                                                                              SILVER

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