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The London Academy of Trading (LAT) is helping traders get up to speed and stay on track by including a range of valuable post-course extended support packages with their trading courses.

While LAT courses provide students with the knowledge and skills to trade independently, it is still vital to build good habits and discipline when trading real money. To keep the students’ momentum going forward, LAT has added a range of additional services within their existing courses to help students stick to their strategies and monitor their performance to maximise their chances of long-term success.

“We want our students to stay in touch with us once they complete their chosen course, so we’ve introduced these new packages to provide them with unrivalled post-course support while they establish themselves as traders,” says Paddy Osborn, Academic Dean and Managing Director. “Our new post course trade packages will allow students to stay in close touch with us on a daily basis, with an extra year of free daily webinars and access to our trader forum, as well as free enrolment onto one of our specialist courses of their choice and a personalised 1-2-1 mentoring session.”

For students on our 12-week Advanced Trading Course, they will be given up to £2,789 worth of additional support services at no extra cost, including a free LAT specialist course, free access to our daily webinars and the LAT Xchange forum for 12 months, five days of trading desk rental on the LAT trading floor, and a free bespoke 1-2-1 mentoring session with one of our traders.

For students on our 4-week Trading Skills course, an additional £658-worth of post-course services is included, with free access to our daily webinars and Xchange forum for 6 months, plus two days of post-course desk rental on the LAT trading floor.

Training courses, developed to help individuals wishing to invest or trade in financial markets, or for those looking to enhance their employment opportunities within financial markets. Since our creation in 2010, we have focused on four specific pillars of knowledge to help students improve their skills and understanding: fundamental analysis, technical analysis, trading psychology and risk management.

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