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Mannheim Assistant Professor for Sustainable Business Honoured as 2024 AACSB Influential Leader

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Mannheim Assistant Professor for Sustainable Business Honoured as 2024 AACSB Influential Leader

Gunther Glenk is one of 22 business school professors honoured by AACSB International (AACSB) – the world’s largest business education alliance – as the 2024 Class of Influential Leaders. The annual initiative recognises notable alumni and faculty from AACSB-accredited business schools whose work inspires positive change in the business world and society at large, and this year’s class features faculty leading impact through their research.

Gunther Glenk is an Assistant Professor for sustainable business at the University of Mannheim and a Climate Fellow at Harvard Business School. His research examines the cost and speed of corporate transitions toward net-zero emissions and has been published in leading academic journals in the field of sustainability management. Industry leaders and policymakers have solicited his advice on the risks and opportunities associated with the transition toward a decarbonised energy economy.

Lily Bi, AACSB president and CEO said:

“Gunther Glenk’s work demonstrates the potential of business school research to address some of today’s most critical challenges,”

“The knowledge Prof. Glenk is producing will help inform and create real change in the world.”

Now in its ninth year, AACSB’s Influential Leaders member spotlight programme highlights the value that business schools bring to business and society – whether through the alumni who have used their business education to improve the industries and communities they serve, or the faculty leading positive impact through their research. All faculty from this year’s class are from one of AACSB’s more than 1,000 accredited business schools worldwide.

The 2024 honourees are advancing research in the areas of AI, healthcare, sustainability, finance, entrepreneurship, and more. The selected leaders exemplify the important role of business school faculty in developing new knowledge that provides timely and relevant solutions for business and societal challenges.

These faculty change-makers are using their expertise to encourage environmental responsibility, improve healthcare outcomes, enable digital innovation, empower marginalised populations, and transform investment practices.

Support for the 2024 Influential Leaders initiative is provided by Academic Partnerships.

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