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Middlesbrough College Partner with HybrIT & Microsoft to Address Digital Poverty

Middlesbrough College Partner with HybrIT & Microsoft to Address Digital Poverty

Middlesbrough College, one of the largest colleges in the country, are implementing a major phase of their digital learning strategy by supplying over 4500 students with a new laptop and an internet connection at home. This initiative, backed by the local government, will address digital poverty locally and the surrounding areas, further enhancing the students’ learning and development.

The Challenge

Middlesbrough College were looking for a solution that would enable them to deploy thousands of laptops to students, to deliver applications & services, provide device management & asset tracking, and to fully align to the longer-term IT strategy. The devices needed to be lightweight, portable, have a long battery life and be compatible with the management process at the College. The applications and services delivered through these devices needed to cover a wide range of courses delivered by the College.

The Solution

The College partnered with HybrIT to deliver an end-to-end solution, covering all aspects of the requirement. HybrIT has several Practices made up of subject matter experts in different fields. The College were able to benefit from this broad range of services through a single partner.

After discovery and design workshops with the College Leadership, the HybrIT team, working closely with Microsoft designed a solution which included:

  • Devices: HybrIT’s Surface Experts recommended and supplied Microsoft Surface Laptop SEs for the students.
  • Build: The HybrIT EUC team prepared, imaged and tested all devices in our bespoke Build Centre.
  • AVD: Workshops, Proof of Concept, Design and Delivery of a new Azure Virtual Desktop Environment to publish and stream 100’s of Apps to the devices.
  • Asset Tracking: HybrIT’s Power Platform Team created a bespoke information hub to track ownership of each device, powered by Dataverse.

Download PDF Case Study

Document available here: Middlesbrough College Partner with HybrIT to Address Digital Poverty

Video Case Study

Microsoft shared this fantastic initiative too, read more about it here: A college is lending Microsoft devices to every student to address digital poverty

We encourage IT Leaders in Further Education to get in touch with our team of consultants who can share exactly how the College’s Digital Strategy has been delivered.

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