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Tomorrow University Challenges Modern Business Education with Five New MBA Programs for Sustainable Impact

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  • Tomorrow University proudly announces the expansion of its acclaimed Impact MBA program with five new specialized streams, reinforcing its role as Europe’s leading Ed-Tech university dedicated to addressing pressing environmental and societal issues.
  • These sustainability-focused programs are designed to empower a new generation of professionals across diverse sectors, with a focus on areas such as ESG management, climate leadership, green technology, organizational psychology, and green marketing.

Building on the success of the Impact MBA in Sustainability, Innovation & Leadership, Tomorrow University is excited to announce the launch of five new specialized Impact MBA programs. These online programs underscore the commitment of Europe’s leading Ed-Tech university to equip learners with the skills needed to address the world’s most critical environmental and societal challenges.

Adopting sustainable practices, including the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, could unlock $12 trillion in yearly opportunities and create 380 million jobs (1). However, only 50% of organizations feel effective in environmental performance (2), and 35% face talent retention challenges in climate expertise (3). This underscores the critical need to enhance the skills of emerging leaders in sustainability management, focusing on specific areas such as green marketing, sustainable technologies, carbon accounting, or impact measurement.

Tomorrow University’s Impact MBA is designed to meet the diverse needs of professionals across multiple sectors – including HR, accounting, business development, IT, operations, marketing, stakeholder management, consultancy and leadership.

Impact MBA in ESG Management: Designed for professionals looking to guide their organizations through the evolving landscape of environmental legislation and climate agendas. It focuses on climate accounting, reporting, and developing sustainability strategies in line with organizational values, ideal for those driving their organizations towards ESG excellence.

Impact MBA in Climate Leadership: Supporting professionals eager to use climate science in effectively advocating sustainability initiatives and leading sustainable change in NGOs, public services, and consultancies. It offers practical skills in policy analysis and stakeholder management, empowering learners to become sustainability champions within their industries.

Impact MBA in Green Energy, Tech & AI: Tailored for tech, business development, and operations professionals, this program is an ideal choice for those looking to drive sustainable digital transformation and blend renewable energy solutions with AI. It equips learners to future-proof businesses against evolving regulations and consumer expectations through sustainable technology solutions.

Impact MBA in New Work & Organizational Psychology: Addressing the evolving dynamics of the modern workforce, this program is essential for business operations, HR professionals, and community leaders. It tackles the challenges of managing diverse and remote teams, promoting psychological well-being, and cultivating inclusive work cultures amidst digital transformation, preparing leaders to create psychologically healthy and effective work environments.

Impact MBA in Green Marketing & Innovation: Specially designed for business and marketing professionals, this program integrates sustainable principles into marketing and brand development strategies. It’s a perfect choice for those aiming to transform their marketing approach, drive market-driven innovations, and influence consumer behavior towards more eco-friendly practices.

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