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Unlocking Insight Beyond Numbers in Education: learndirect Focuses On What Truly Matters  

Metrics and numbers often take centre stage when it comes to measuring success. Of course, quantitative data, success rates, percentages etc are essential in guiding business strategy. However, if you really want to feel the heartbeat of education, you need to turn your attention to real life impact – the stories of real people whose lives have been shaped and transformed by the pursuit of knowledge.

learndirect is the UK’s leading online learning provider, helping people of all ages and backgrounds better their lives through education.

The business recently achieved B Corp Certification, putting it in the top 3 certified corporations in online education.

This is in part due to its support of social mobility through accessible education, with roughly 1 in 3 of its learners coming from a low-income household, earning less than £15,000 per annum.

By providing a route to success through education, learndirect is helping those in underrepresented regions pursue their goals.

Below, learndirect’s Digital Engagement Manager Sarah-Jane McCausland outlines why it’s important to look beyond the figures.

Insights Beyond the Spreadsheet

“Quantitative feedback is the benchmark against which we measure our success and identify areas for improvement, but nestled within those spreadsheets and graphs are narratives that breathe life into the data.

“At learndirect, our learners and alumni aren’t just numbers; they are real people looking to make significant change that could enhance their lives. By acknowledging this, we can work towards enriching the experience of our learning community while also boosting business growth.”

A Community Transcends Learning

“Many believe that education is a solo journey, but it’s a shared experience. The learning community is the lens that captures the essence of the learner and alumni experience in all its dimensions. It’s where connections are built, friendships are formed, and a support system emerges.

“By nurturing these relationships and connecting individuals beyond the units and assignments, we create a space where genuine friendships thrive. It’s not just about passing units or exams; it’s about being part of something bigger, something that’s meaningful. This is what makes learners want to embark and continue their educational journey.”

Stories that Empower

“Stories from our learners and alumni at learndirect are tales of empowerment, of overcoming challenges, discovering hidden potentials, and realising dreams. It’s in these stories that we find the true measure of success.

“In our community, we have people of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances, sharing and supporting each other through their studies. Some return to education many years after compulsory schooling, while others are learning with us as opposed to going to traditional colleges or universities.

“The diversity in our community provides us with incredible insight that helps us meet the needs and demands of the modern learner.

“We take these narratives, these real-life outcomes, and we place them side by side with the transactional feedback. We bundle it all together to present a fully rounded insight into what we do and what matters.”

Here’s a few quotes from learndirect learners…

‘I’m studying at the age of 69, I completed my course 3 years ago. Don’t let anything stop you! learndirect has been a fantastic experience for me.’

‘I’m so happy I found learndirect. I suffer really badly from anxiety and couldn’t face college, so this is really amazing. I can get my goals from the comfort of my home.’

Employees Can Benefit Too

“These stories aren’t just to empower others debating over their futures, they are a powerful tool for employees. It’s a shift from viewing data on a list to recognising that each call answered, every email responded to, and each task completed has a ripple effect in real lives.

“Sharing these stories internally is about transforming the workplace narrative. It’s about turning the focus from the monotony of tasks to the impact on people, the real lives that are touched by the collective efforts of every team member. It’s a reminder that, in the business of education, we are not just dealing with transactions.”

Always Seeking Improvement

“Do we aim for perfection? Absolutely. But let’s face it, no business gets everything right on the first attempt. While our goal is to get it right the first time, we understand that the journey of improvement is ongoing. How do we showcase this understanding? By listening to our learners, by understanding their stories, and by demonstrating that we care.

“This isn’t about airing our mistakes; it’s about authenticity. It’s about acknowledging that we are humans navigating the complex landscape of education, and we are committed to learning and growing alongside our students.

“So, we will continue to delve into the stories, weave them into the fabric of our quantitative feedback, and create a narrative that not only measures success but embodies it in the lived experiences of those we support. After all, education is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about providing a platform for people to better their lives.”

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