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Remit Training and Wellity Global launch Leadership and Wellbeing masterclass workshops online

In a mission to transform workplace wellbeing, Remit Training and Wellity Global join forces in a unique partnership to tackle the most critical skills gaps amongst leaders. Statistics released by Mental Health First Aid England back in March of this year, showed that nearly half of all employees surveyed had received no wellbeing check-in from their employer in the past year.  Nationwide upskilling in the confidence and competence of managers and leaders in this area is socially, economically and governance critical, we’re delighted to offer a modern approach to tackling this crisis to clients across the UK, existing and new.

“Extensive research proves a blended approach to organisational upskilling in any subject area increases the likelihood of both implementation and impact of new learnings amongst employees” says Alexandra Rafter, Head of Commercial Solutions at Remit adding “Remit and Wellity also recognise the complexity and sensitivity of these particular topic areas.  The Wellbeing in Leadership series covers six key themes from inclusive and resilient leadership, to both addressing and reducing conflict in the workplace, change management as well as tackling unconscious bias. Micro-learning in one hour, masterclass webinars is the perfect way to break these challenging subjects into convenient sessions that fit seamlessly into the working day.”

With nearly 40 years in the skills industry, Remit is a Grade 2, award-winning training provider upskilling workforces for both national and global partners across a variety of major industries. Wellity is a recognised and trusted leader of mental health and wellbeing training solutions for some of the world’s most respected private, public and charitable organisations including the UK Home Office, the G7 Summit, Police Force, Save The Children, Nokia, Fujitsu and many more. 

“Whilst organisational investment into wellbeing platforms and employee assistance resources has increased and is a welcome advancement in employee support, we know that signposting alone isn’t enough”, states Sue Pittock, CEO of Remit Training. “Front line supervisors, managers and senior leaders desperately lack the skills for early identification and intervention and more critically, the tools to nurture a culture that minimises the triggers of poor mental health in the first place.  We’re delighted to be partnering with an organisation equally passionate about mental health and wellbeing as we are and from whom we can continue to learn from for our own colleagues as well as our clients.”

Simon Scott-Nelson, co-founder and CEO at Wellity Global says, “We have been working with Remit nationally for a while now and are impressed with how the organisation prioritises the wellbeing of their employees, clients, and apprentices. With the partnership, Remit clients now have access to a catalogue of over 350 award winning wellbeing training topics, seminars, focus groups, engagement videos and wellbeing collateral as part of their offering.  Becoming Remit’s wellbeing partner across all industries, we can actively deliver best practice when it comes to the wellbeing of their client’s leadership teams and apprentices. As Wellity works across every industry in every sector and every time zone around the world, our team of wellbeing experts can be culturally adaptive across all industries to help Remit offer the best wellbeing training for their clients.  Working with such a friendly team at Remit Training has been a pleasure and we are all excited about this new national partnership becoming official. Where safeguarding and signposting in workplace wellbeing is so crucial, we are delighted that Remit are prioritising the quality of their wellbeing training provision.”

Remit and Wellity’s Wellbeing in Leadership Masterclass series kicks off in September and runs until the end of the year. Whilst businesses and individuals alike can pick and choose which subject areas are most relevant to their skills gaps, the combined series, totalling 6 webinars equates to one full day of professional development without the inconvenience of disrupting productivity.

  • Accessible – any device, anywhere in the world
  • Consumable – focussed micro-masterclasses, with recordings and toolkits for easy consumption and continuous professional development
  • Trusted – each masterclass is facilitated by an expert in their field
  • Affordable – from just £50.00 per person, upskilling leadership at scale has rarely been such value for money

The full Wellbeing in Leadership series schedule is available here

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