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AI and Personalised Learning Podcast Series – Episode 1: AI, Leadership, and Further Education

In our pioneering podcast “AI and Personalised Learning,” hosts Richard Foster-Fletcher of and Kurt Hintz, Executive Principal of Capital City College Group, explore how artificial intelligence can enhance and transform learning. They examine AI’s potential to revolutionise education by personalising instruction for individual students. Hintz explains why personalised learning better engages students and prepares them for the future. Foster-Fletcher discusses AI’s capabilities and limitations in education, emphasising the need to apply AI ethically.

A key focus is using AI responsibly to augment human teaching rather than replace educators. They debate the merits and risks of AI innovations like smart glasses for personalised coaching. While AI brings countless positive possibilities, data privacy and student wellbeing must remain priorities. Foster-Fletcher and Hintz agree that though implementing AI is complex, its thoughtful integration can make learning interactive, adaptive, and student-centric. This forward-looking discussion offers valuable insights for schools navigating an AI-driven future where personalised learning unlocks each student’s potential.

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