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LifeLong Learning UK Workforce Strategy Implementation Plan

The Centre for Excellence in Leadership’s (CEL) chief executive, Lynne Sedgmore

The first Implementation Plan aims to brings together providers and employers.

Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK) has facilitated the first Workforce Strategy Implementation Plan in close partnership with key stakeholders and partner agencies in the Further Education sector.

It includes a vision for the workforce to become more responsive to the diverse learning needs of young people, adults and employers.

The Workforce Strategy and its Implementation Plan is a first for the FE sector and is intended to aid individual employers shaping their strategic workforce activities and planning.

The first Implementation Plan aims to identify the value of bringing together different strands of workforce development in a single plan for providers and employees whilst also acknowledging that providers in the sector are at different stages in their workforce development. Additionally the plan will contain a checklist providers can use to source actions for their own workforce development.

The Centre for Excellence in Leadership’s (CEL) chief executive, Lynne Sedgmore, said: “We would like to congratulate LLUK on the way in which they have engaged and consulted with partners and the sector as a whole in developing the plan.”

CEL was launched in 2003 as key part of the Success for All initiative, chief executive, Lynne Sedgmore, found two areas of the Implementation Plan to be particularly important.

“Firstly, we believe that developing the capacity and capability of a diverse workforce will be instrumental in attracting and retaining staff. To ensure that equality and diversity is at the heart of strategy, policymaking, planning and training, we will provide leadership development aimed at fostering an inclusive and supportive working culture.

“The second relates to our training programmes for senior leaders. The first cohort to take part in the successful Principals qualifying programme will soon graduate, and we will offer further development opportunities through a series of master-classes.” Lynne said.

Dame Ruth Silver, chair of the new organisation being formed from CEL and the Quality Improvement Agency (QIA), said: “It is wonderful to see the goals, activities and planned outcomes of so many sector agencies presented in a single, coherent plan.”

To spread awareness of the plan, LLUK has proposed to host a series of regional events across England.

by Sheila Kjærhus

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