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Apprenticeship withdrawals cost training providers £1.8bn! FE Soundbite 697

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Welcome to Soundbite Edition 697! 2nd June 2023: Apprenticeship withdrawals cost training providers £1.8bn

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Apprenticeship drops outs are rising

Some really interesting research (and freedom of information request) by Rubitek found Apprenticeship withdrawals cost training providers £1.8bn. Apprenticeship Achievement rates decline from 65% in 2018/19, to just 58% in 2019/20 and 2020/21!

When someone mentions AI… do you think of student cheating opportunities or opportunities and CPD?

Ryan Lufkin wrote an interesting piece: It’s time to shift the AI conversation from student cheating to training educators. Talking of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT, Dennis Sherwood wrote: Yes, ChatGPT really is creative!

Advancing apprenticeships for social mobility 

Dr Mandy Crawford-Lee and Cerian Ayres wrote a really interesting piece: SENSE AND SUSTAINABILITY: Advancing apprenticeships for social mobility and sustainable development.

This week’s interesting Exclusive thought leadership articles:

Nick Birch wrote: Creativity Crisis: How budget cuts and overpriced creative suites stifle young people. Robert Harrison wrote: Education for a world of opportunity. Neil Jurd wrote: How leaders can dismantle the ‘status barrier’ at work – and why it’s key to building a high-performing team.

Neurodiversity in work

Did you check out Reel #3: Neurodiversity in the workplace? ..this is a bit of a startling fact: did you know 93% of employers globally, don’t have a Neuro-inclusive policy? Check out Reel 3 in partnership with Cognassist to help us all put this right!

Luise Ruddick from FAB wrote:  ADHD and me… this is a really honest and brave article from Luise, not only does she work for FAB.. she is FAB!

Top 3 most popular thought leaders for May

So who were our Top 3 most influential thought leaders on FE News in May 23 (who will get the top spot, with the cool May 4th inspired badge)?

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