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Ofsted report on reading in Prisons. Is terrible reading. Gutting in fact! FE Soundbite edition 701

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Welcome to Soundbite Edition 701! 1st July 2023: Ofsted report on reading in Prisons. Is terrible reading. Gutting in fact!

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Ofsted: Slow Progress for reading in Prisons!

Seriously…. pretty gutted to read this! We are in the 21st Century… later on in Soundbite, I am going to be writing about OI (Organoid Intelligence)… like something off a sci-fi movie that is available now… and we are still not trying to fix something as essential as literacy in Prisons! Surely this would potentially unlock… or hopefully encourage breaking negative cycles!

If someone literally can’t read and write… and you don’t give them the tools to help with this… how will they fill in application forms for a job. Seriously!? What is that all about? Also… what undiagnosed hidden Neurodiversity support is being implemented? Gutted when I read this… what is this all about?

Ironically this report was also realised by Ofsted on Employability Day! Seriously couldn’t make it up!

Employability Day

ERSA’s Elizabeth Taylor wrote a really cool article on Employability Day

Toby Perkins on the Labour Party joined up plan for skills, overcoming barriers and the Levy

Did you check out my interview with Toby Perkins on overcoming barriers, Skills plan and joined up strategy?

Charles McIntyre on AI into OI:

Super excited about releasing this interview with Charles McIntyre from Ibis Capital (and will be Chairing a part of the FE Collective)… on AI into OI (organoid intelligence).

How much? Like getting your moneys worth?

Like getting your moneys worth… Unlocking Value: Jisc Investment Yields £3 in Savings for Every £1 Spent.

More exclusive thought leadership

First up, my mate Tom Bewick: No time for complacency in England’s long apprenticeship journey and HEPI’s Lucy Haire and Rose Stephenson: Inequality in higher education is becoming entrenched.

Abeer Al Khalifa, Pre-University Education President (Qatar Foundation) wrote about Transforming Pre-University Education at Qatar Foundation: Empowering Educators for an Inclusive Global Learning Environment.

Maths to 18

Josh Hillman,from Nuffield Foundation wrote a really interesting article: The issues swirling round delivery of the PM’s post-16 maths plan and Tom Thacker from Century Tech wrote: Maths for all (up to 18) is worth exploring.

Leigh Mills wrote about Up-skilling North of Tyne residents to access regional job opportunities with Skills Bootcamps

Roy Blatchford wrote The craft of the classroom.

Livestreams, Reels, Shorts and podcasts

This is kinda cool… so we have had exclusive articles from a range of thought leaders, video interviews with Shadow Skills Ministers and Investment Bankers and EdTech visionaries on AI into OI… plus we also have FE Reels with our buddies at Cognassist and podcast series with TDI and NCFE. Such a cool blend of content and content styles for you to enjoy. I love it! (I hope you do too!)

First up Cognassist: Reel #7: Cognition and neurodiversity – the impacts in education

We also had Ep3 of Reducing the Risk of Sexual Harm: Compliance with TDI and NCFE.

On Location:

It’s been a busy week. I was at AELP annual conference this week and then straight into the OneFile Conference…. and I loved the OneFile conference, I liked the AELP, really meeting loads of cool people… but wow, OneFile blew my socks off (don’t worry I wasn’t wearing loafers with no socks, I ain’t that Dad cool)!

I have a soft spot for OneFile.. I remember when Susanna and Chris started up in their bedroom… and the rest is a cool history. If I go on location on my own at an event… and the OneFile team notice… they are just lovely and take me under their wing… make me feel special. I mean even my Apprentices use OneFile! There was a cool eco-system, partner and client vibe thing going on at this event… kinda like a very cool tech firm vibe.. oh wait… they are! I even ended up in a cool caravan eating calamari at one point… it was a Wednesday. Not my average week, I loved it!

It was just epic and I loved it how much all of the OneFile team supported each other. The session on Ofsted outstanding… the room was mesmorised. Loved it! So more videos on their way from this… we worked in partnership with LearnBox… so it is interesting to mix it all up – so more to come shortly on this. I love, love, loved it!

Anyway I hope you enjoy FE Soundbite this week

Kind regards

Gavin O’Meara

CEO and Founder

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