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What do MPs think are the future of Post 16 Qualifications? FE Soundbite 692

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What do MPs have to say about Post 16 Qualification reform? FE Soundbite 692 (29th April 2023). This is the weekly e-newsletter and e-journal brought to you by FE News: ISSN 2732-4095. We know life is busy, so here is a snapshot of the latest announcements and epic thought leadership articles from sector influencers and cool thinkers across FE and Skills this week on FE News.

So What do MPs think about Post 16 Qualification reform?

So the Education Select Committee released a report: The future of post-16 qualifications. Well the long and the short of it the Committee recommends: The Government must pause post-16 education shake-up or risk making skills shortages worse. There are some interesting points on T Levels, BTEC, Maths Teachers, funding and Apprenticeships… and we also have a sector reaction piece. So I’d recommend checking out what they have to say.

Another interesting report came out this week: Report reveals British SME decision-makers disagree on role of education. One-third of the £594m National Tutoring Programme Funding Unspent.

Learning and Work shared some interesting findings: Three key lessons in delivering an In-Work Support Service for Wales. So how can we make the Apprenticeship Levy work for all?

Exclusive thought leadership articles from this week:


We had a cool article from Paul Grainger on Micro-credentials: their role in the economy and lifelong learning.

Stress and Ofsted

Chris Thomson reflects on the recent Ofsted announcements: Defence that Doesn’t Make the Grade.

This is Stress Awareness Month and this is a great article from Lou Mycroft: Stress – A Collective Workplace Issue.

Promoting Workplace Inclusion:

Gavin Hoole wrote about Workplace Inclusion.

AI and ChatGPT

Soundbite wouldn’t be complete without a weekly AI fix! EDSK’s Eleanor Regan asks: What does ChatGPT mean for the future of assessment? and Katie Novak wrote an interesting piece: The impact of AI in the classroom: What does the future hold?

Can you spot the difference?

I used to love a bit of Spot the Difference. So have you noticed anything different on FE News?

So yes, you eagle eyed spotters… we now have a ‘mega menu’… as we have 200+ pieces of content per week, we developed a new ‘mega menu’ to help you navigate…. we also added in a news ticker…. this year is our 20th anniversary, when we launched in 2003, we were based outside Canary Wharf and I used to love the Reuters ticker wrapping around the building in Cabot Square. So this is a retro nod to this… and yes we have animated the FE News logo… more fun in the near future with this!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your bank holiday weekend.

Gavin O’Meara

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