How many times have you started a task only to realise you don’t have the equipment or information you need? It’s a frustrating experience. We don’t want anyone who needs to set up an apprenticeship service account to feel this way, so here are some tips to help you.

Each account on the apprenticeship service must have registered at least one:

  • account owner
  • organisation
  • PAYE scheme

To register a new account on the apprenticeship service you will need:

  • your account owner’s email address
  • your organisation’s Companies House number, charity number, or public sector body name
  • your PAYE scheme’s Government Gateway credentials

To register an account, first enter your account owner’s email address to receive a unique code. The service will ask you to confirm this code to verify the email address is correct.

Once the email address has been verified, the service will ask for your organisation to be registered. This is done by entering your organisation’s Companies House number, charity number, or public sector body name.

Finally, the service will ask for a PAYE scheme to be registered. Registering a PAYE scheme serves two purposes. Firstly, to identify any levy funding the employer is entitled to spend from the account, and secondly to ensure that apprentices trained using those funds are employed by the organisation that is in receipt of levy funds either directly or via a transfer.

To register a PAYE scheme, you will need to enter the Government Gateway credentials associated with that PAYE scheme. For the system to identify the specific PAYE scheme, the credentials entered must be at ‘Organisational’ level, not ‘Individual’ or ‘Agency’ level. Each PAYE scheme will have a unique set of credentials associated with it. It is likely that this information is held by an organisation’s Payroll, or Finance team, so it may be worth checking with them before starting the registration process.

If you are having difficulty confirming your organisation’s Government Gateway credentials help is at hand - you can get support by contacting the HMRC helpdesk on 0300 200 3200

After completing these steps, you will have the option to add additional users, organisations, or PAYE schemes, or go the account home page. It is always recommended that an account has a minimum of two users with ‘Account Owner’ level access.


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