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Challenges facing #FE include creating agile environments, partnering with local employers, and more

Paul McKean, head of further education and skills, Jisc

FE leaders’ satisfaction with Jisc is on the rise

Early findings of our third annual online survey of FE leaders, “The FE leadership survey 2019” paint a positive picture.

Targeting strategic leads within technology, library, organisational and finance roles, the Jisc survey seeks to measure members’ understanding of Jisc’s offer and identify how we can work to improve this.

Positive feedback

Of the 122 strategic leads that responded to this years’ survey, 89% say they are either ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with Jisc – an increase of 9% on our previous survey (2017), and up by 10% on the one before (2016).

Paul McKean, head of further education and skills, says:

“We’re grateful to all members who responded to the survey, and absolutely delighted with the positive feedback.

“We’re always working to strengthen our relationships with members, and the FE leaders’ survey results are invaluable to help us deliver the services and information you need, while also helping us to better understand members’ concerns.”

Overcoming challenges

The report also reflects on challenges currently facing the sector, including areas as diverse as creating agile environments to partnering with local employers and more.

Leaders say these issues are more important than ever. However, challenges are overwhelmingly seen as easier to achieve than they seemed in 2017.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, funding is the exception and remains the greatest challenge for strategic leaders, as Paul notes:

“The Department for Education’s edtech strategy highlighted the need for colleges to deliver technological solutions. We hope that the investment in FE recommended by the Augar review will be seriously considered by government to help colleges deliver on this aim.”

He concludes:

“Overall, the findings of the report are positive, suggesting that colleges leaders feel equipped to deal with the challenges that they view with high importance. We look forward to supporting members on this journey and thank all those that responded to our survey.”

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