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Data analytics software now available for UK research and education

Jisc’s security operations centre is already using Splunk to help detect and analyse security threats and vulnerabilities, but the software can be configured to appraise a range of data.

For example, it can help evaluate business or student data, monitor website traffic and also has huge potential for research, both in terms of data analytics and protection.

Among education organisations already employing Splunk is Russell Group institution Exeter University, which uses it to help improve cyber security protection of its research data, intellectual property and patents.

Working in the Jisc security division, product manager Mark Tysom explained:

“We know that Splunk is a respected supplier that many of our members would like to use. Now, by offering cost-effective access to Splunk, we have made it easier for more universities, colleges and research centres to benefit from its many potential applications, particularly in cyber security.

“Splunk can help turn large amounts of machine data into useful insights that organisations can use to strengthen cyber protection, manage business operations, inform investment decisions, benefit researchers and save time.

“Over time, we hope to gather information from Splunk users across the research and education sector on the many different ways the software helps to meet their needs and to share those experiences for the benefit of all.”

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