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GCSE Results Day – What you need to know

Whether you took your GCSEs with us or at another institution, our experts are here to support you.

If you will be collecting your results from Exeter College, then doors open at 10am at the Sports Hall (off Queen Street).

If you don’t get the GCSE Results you’re expecting then please don’t panic. There is plenty of expert support available to help you make an informed decision that will get you on the right path.

Here are our top tips for staying calm, surviving Results Day and planning for the future:

1. If you don’t get the GCSE results you were expecting, don’t panic;

2. Stay calm as much as possible and look after yourself (this includes eating well and getting plenty of sleep!);

3. We will have a dedicated GCSE Results line at Exeter College that will go live on GCSE Results Day – the number to call will be 01392 400555 – so just call us if you have any questions or concerns;

4. We’re here for you, so stay calm and if you need us, just pick up the phone, email or message us on Facebook or Twitter;

5. If you’re concerned about your GCSE results, didn’t quite get the grades you had hoped for or just want some more help and advice use our helpful online tool to work out what to do next;

6. Make use of our experts – our team will be there to support you, talk to you about the subject area you are interested in, your long term career goals and your exam grades;

7. Whatever the outcome, whether better than expected or not as positive as was hoped for, there will almost certainly be an option of study. There is a broad range of courses and programmes available to you so that you can choose the area of study or an Apprenticeship that best suits your needs, abilities and interests. There are lots of different courses available at Exeter College starting this September 2018;

8. Don’t be afraid to change your mind – it’s not too late. If you have had a re-think over the summer or your results mean you can’t do the course you were signed up to then don’t be afraid to explore other options. We can help you do this;

9. Whatever happens we’re here for you – don’t forget to make a note now of the GCSE Results Hotline number 01392 400555;

10. And remember, that no matter what happens, you are amazing.

If you’re a school leaver and don’t have any plans yet, don’t worry. Applications are open all summer for September 2018 entry on a range of programmes at Exeter College. If you’d like to talk about your options you can contact the college and the College Advice Team will be happy to help.

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