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Haringey Sixth Form College Art Students Experience Venetian Creativity

The Art department of Haringey Sixth Form College (H6) have been active in their pursuit to enhance their creativity and broaden their understanding of the art curriculum provision at the college.

On Sunday 2nd February 2020, a mixture of H6 UAL Art & Design and A-Level Fine Art students journeyed on to Venice, Italy, accompanied by their teachers, Francis Ives and Rachel Hamblin, for a week long Venetian creativity experience.

“Travelling is wonderful in many ways. What a great place Venice is to visit for our art students to experience culture, food, and even meet new people. I want to thank the staff at Tottenham Grammar Foundation for their support, which has giving our students another great #H6Experience. I am sure this will further inspire them when they get back into the art studio. I can’t wait to hear of the exciting time they all had.” – Russ Lawrance, Principal & CEO at Haringey Sixth Form College.

Venice serves as a very unique and heavily visited city, known widely for its valuable art and historical heritage. With its remarkable and beautiful scenery, it is a real miracle of creative genius – metaphorical to the art students of Haringey Sixth Form College.

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“I’m glad I got to experience this. I have applied to study architecture at uni and this strip has definitely shown me a range of different types of buildings and how they contrast from the usual ones I see back home. It’s been good for my architecture inspiration.” Hamza Raza, A-Level Fine Art & A-Level Business student at Haringey Sixth Form College

There is no doubt that the students will return with lasting memories of their Venetian experience, motivated and inspired with their creative hats on. You may even see a few pieces of their work exhibited at the SFCA, Haringey Sixth Form College & Haringey Council National Art Exhibition: Concrete Experience, 25th Jun 2020 – 28th Jun 2020 at Alexandra Palace.

“These trips are good for the students as they are able to experience art in a different scenery to their usual ones. We encourage them to get involved in such trips, as they enhance their creativity and broaden their horizons.” – Florina Iosif, Director of A-Levels, Creative Industries and Young College at Haringey Sixth Form College.

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