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Leeds City College celebrates one of the lowest gender pay gaps in the region

Leeds City College (LCC) has released its gender pay figures and is among the top education institutions for recording exceptional gender pay statistics, with a gap of 3.7%.

The college has 1,277 staff members with females making up 63.3% of the workforce overall.

LCC’s Deputy Chief Executive, Lydia Devenny said: “Leeds City College prides itself on being an inclusive employer, and we are confident that men and women are paid equally for doing the same job at the college. We are working hard to address any imbalance in the workforce through inclusive and diverse recruitment strategies.”

UK companies were given until 4 April to submit their gender pay figures, while the public sector had to file their reports by 30 March. More than 1,000 companies reporting a day before the deadline.

According to the most recent information on the gender pay gap from the ONS, the national mean gender pay gap is 17.4% and in Yorkshire and Humber is 14.4%. Nationally, the gender pay gap in the education sector is, on average 18%.

The gender pay gap is the difference between female and male average earnings, either within a particular employer or nationally.  It is much broader than the issue of equal pay, and describes the fact that average women’s pay has remained significantly lower than average men’s pay for decades.

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