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Lessons to be learnt from Carillion apprentice redundancies


AELP has reacted with disappointment to the news this week that 341 Carillion apprentices are being made redundant and will lose their wage support.

Since the construction giant collapsed in January, 777 apprentices have been found new jobs via a CITB support scheme established by the government.

In response to the news, AELP CEO Mark Dawe said:

“CITB have undoubtedly worked hard to safeguard the futures of as many apprentices they can but in our view it was always going to be a huge ask for one provider on its own to find new jobs for all of them. This is why immediately after Carillion’s collapse AELP offered the assistance of some its construction provider members but this offer wasn’t taken up. We think lessons can be learnt from this and other corporate failures which mean that better outcomes for apprentices can be secured in the future.”

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