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New City College Computing students embark on fascinating journey into the world of cyber security

Cyber Security workshops for New City College Computing students held by CNS at Six Degrees

Students were treated to a fascinating journey into cyber security and its role in modern business when representatives from a leading tech company visited New City College this month.

Industry experts from CNS at Six Degrees, a cloud services provider, led separate sessions at Tower Hamlets campus and at Redbridge campus, with topics ranging from incident response plans to cyber intelligence and social engineering.

The visit enabled students to deepen their understanding of business computing and how important it is for companies to take precautions against threats.

One session, titled Cyber Security and the Importance of Incident Response Plans, was led by the knowledgeable Rob Sugrue, who gave a comprehensive overview of the cyber landscape. He introduced students to the intricacies of crafting an effective incident response plan, emphasising swift and decisive action in the face of a cyber-attack. The students – all studying Computing and IT – found the presentation enthralling as Rob illustrated real-life scenarios, imparting invaluable insights.

Another session, Cyber Security Open-Source Intelligence, shed light on the significance of understanding social engineering tactics and attack techniques. Through engaging exercises, students explored how attackers and security professionals leverage human behaviour and online information. They were empowered with knowledge crucial for navigating the digital landscape securely.

In the Computing in Business session, students were given an insight into the accessibility of cloud computing and its impact on business operations. It addressed the barriers to innovation and provided practical guidance on using cloud services to drive success.

The presentations were part of the Six Degrees ‘Cyber University’ programme. By equipping students with essential cyber security expertise, they are nurturing the next generation of cyber professionals.

Russell Hasnat, Senior Curriculum Manager and tutor for IT at NCC Redbridge said:

“New City College students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to interact with industry experts and gain practical insights into the realm of cyber security. The sessions not only expanded their understanding but also inspired them to explore career paths in this dynamic and ever-evolving field.”

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