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Students give artist a helping hand

Creative studies students from Clarendon Sixth Form College used their skills to assist artist and student, Nic Clarke in her research; dance as an art form.

Nic, a student at Wimbeldon College of Arts visited the college to conduct research as part of her masters degree in drawing.

Art students assisted her in her work, sketching performing arts students as they danced and moved around in the college’s Brooke Vincent theatre.

The students were asked to focus on the speed of the dancers, how they moved as a crowd, their moods, anatomical shapes and static poses.

Nic, said: “I have an interest in exploring how dance and drawing can be combined. I am looking at how movement is recorded in the absence of a live performance. The students have done a great job of helping me to do this and their skillsets have really added to the project. They have been fantastic research assistants for me.”

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