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Young People Uncertain Over Skills Needed for Jobs of the Future | BAE Systems Comments

Richard Hamer, Education Director, BAE Systems

As students all across the country receive their GSCE results this morning technology advancements are leading to uncertainty around the types of careers today’s students will have in the future, and the skills that will be required.

This comes in light of recent research by BAE systems that found that almost half of young people believe they will one day work in a job that doesn’t currently exist.


Richard Hamer, Education Director, BAE Systems, shares some advice to young people entering the world of work.:

“Students getting their results today are preparing to enter a workforce that already looks dramatically different to the one their parents joined. We’ve found that half of young people think they will one day work in a job that doesn’t currently exist, and advances in technology, engineering and science all mean it’s hard to predict where their career will take them in the next 20 years.

“My advice to students is to stop worrying about the unknown, and focus on what they can do today to future-proof their career. There are a wide range of skills and subjects available at A-level that will prove invaluable for the jobs of tomorrow, and they’re as varied as graphic design, philosophy, chemical engineering and cybersecurity.

“Remember that A-levels aren’t the only route forward. Early careers programmes and apprenticeships are available for today’s GCSE students that equip them with not only the skills required for today’s jobs, but the skills that will allow them to adapt in the future.”

Harvey Wilding, Apprentice at BAE Systems, shares his experience of taking an alternative path to Higher Education once he’d finished his GCSEs:

“After studying for my GCSEs, I didn’t want to go to college or university, but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do instead which made me very nervous about the future.

“Now that I’m an apprentice at BAE Systems, I’m proud to be helping build something with a purpose, and I have the chance to learn something new every time I come into work – something I never imagined I could be doing. I love that I’m learning skills for a very specialised job role while getting paid to learn. I’m confident that my training with the company is future-proofing my career.

“I think it’s important that other students know Higher Education and university aren’t the only routes available to a successful career, and no matter what their results are at school, there are so many paths out there that can lead to an interesting and diverse career.”

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